Performance analytics at your fingertips.

statistics in the palm of your hand

Stati harnesses the power of data to generate the same analytics, metrics, and visuals that are used by top professional, college, and club teams around the world.

Stati is a revolutionary new system that allows every soccer team to use the same powerful analytics used by all the top international, professional, and college teams across the world.

data made easy

Stati's built-in intelligence allows for rapid and accurate data input that captures nearly every piece of information imaginable. Track every pass, location, header, tackle, foul, offside, and more for an entire team with simple and intuitive gestures.

Stati's innovative and intuitive data input interface is a first-of-its-kind in this industry, and allows us to offer this technology at an incredibly fair price. You will receive the same valuable analytics that many professional teams pay nearly $30,000 to receive!

powerful analytics

Once captured, Stati becomes a robust analytics engine. Sort, filter, and aggregate data from 1 player to the whole team. Our intuitive and interactive visual aids will help you quickly understand your team's performance and provide key metrics to technical and tactical development.

focus where you need it

For the individual player, Stati offers an ingenious game improvement tool. Whether you're an aspiring professional, pursuing a college scholarship, or just trying to take your game to the next level, Stati will provide you the information you need to get better.

What is your pass-completion percentage? Do you pass more to your right than your left? What ratio of your passes are in the attacking-third? The answer to one of the thousands of questions like these could be the key to unlocking your game's true potential.


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